The Annual Student Conference 2019

We're back! The annual AIGA St. Louis Student Conference continues to inspire, educate and support young designers in our city. Our goal is to cultivate a passion and excitement within junior and senior level students for graphic design. Hosting a variety of keynote speakers and workshops, the conference is a great opportunity for students to explore their creativity with design professionals from the local community. Seniors have the unique opportunity to get real world feedback on their portfolios so that they can be better prepared to enter the workforce after graduation. Thanks to the support of our speakers, workshop leaders, attendees, volunteers, organizers and sponsors, the AIGA St. Louis Student Conference is able to have a great impact on design students in the St. Louis community. 

A Letter from the Student Conference Co-Chairs

This year we are focusing on helping you find your fit (Get it? Hence all of the different shoe styles!). As recent graduates (Rachel & Katie) and a current student (Alex), we understand how you feel, especially you seniors! It isn't easy to navigate your career path, so we hope that attending this conference gives you some idea of where you may fit upon graduation. Thank you in advance for joining us at this conference, we think you're really going to have fun and get inspired to do awesome things. If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to either one of us!

Thank you,

Rachel (rachel@aigastlouis.org)

Alex (alex@aigastlouis.org) &

Katie (katie@aigastlouis.org) &